Brand Spotlight: Paperthinks

Andrea Allen

Posted on June 09 2016

Step in to summer with our vibrant new line of sustainable handbags, Paperthinks!

The brain-child of husband and wife Aron and Joey Yu, Paperthinks uses 100% recycled
leather to create colorful and durable handbags, wallets, and totes.

Sustainable Recycled Leather Process

This unique process of using work glove scraps, grinding them with natural rubber,
and pressing them into leather sheets results in a beautiful eco-friendly

EcoVibe Apparel - Paperthinks Sustainable Bags


Not only do these Paperthinks bags add a pop of color to any outfit, they are super
durable, easy to clean, and significantly more affordable than genuine leather bags.

EcoVibe Apparel - Paperthinks Sustainable Bags

Paperthinks believes that "over time we paint our lives into a piece of art; creative,
colorful and unique to our personalities." These playful bags are unique and stylish
without compromising the environment!

Shop all Paperthinks products here!

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