OurKindLife: Sustainable Travel Wardrobe for a European Adventure

Erin Higbie

Posted on October 15 2019

OurKindLife: Sustainable Travel Wardrobe for a European Adventure-EcoVibe Apparel

Traveling is so fun, yet can be such a drag packing multiple suitcases FULL of clothes. This is more true when you are going for an extended trip in a different country. The variety of activities you will take part in will require various options of outfits, and it is hard for one to simple know what they will need. In light of this uncertainty, most of us will overpack and never wear half of the clothes we bring! At EcoVibe our goal is to focus on ethical fashion and part of that is trying to be minimalistic even when we are traveling! We try and sell pieces that can be versatile for a multitude of situations. 

Recently OurKindLife took a European adventure and decided to take on the challenge of only packing a sustainable minimalistic wardrobe! Trying to ditch fast fashion, they decided this was a perfect opportunity to practice ethical habits while traveling abroad. On the packing list was only three shirts, one pair pants, one pair leggings, three dresses, two skirts, a bodysuit, two swimsuits, and a pair of shorts. They set off to Europe for a few weeks mixing and matching while getting creative with their looks. Read their blog to check out the different ways they styled their clothes, what they wore, where they went and how easy it was to ditch fast fashion at an affordable price! Click here to view!

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