Sea Salt Body Scrub Bar

$ 14.00

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Lavender: Lavender soothing notes are the perfect garden fresh antidote to busy days

Geranium Patchouli: Floral, sweet rose geranium, and grounding earthy patchouli oils

Grapefruit Cardamom: Bright infusion of refreshing tart pink grapefruit and sultry spicy cardamom

Chai Tea: The warming spicy aroma of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg meld with the creamy richness of whole organic milk.

Evergreen Tangerine: Inspired by wintery walks through serene evergreen forests and the seasonal brightness of sweet tangy tangerines.


With organic ingredients and delicious scents, Etta + Billie products allow you to revel in a guilt-free moment that replenishes and revives your body + mind. This unique and effective blend of pacific ocean sea salt, organic cocoa butter and shea butter will have your skin buttery soft in no time. You can hold onto them like your favorite bar of soap or loofah and scrub away. Because this scrub stays solid until it comes in contact with warm water and warm skin, you get more direct exfoliation and less scrub on your shower floor!



4.15 oz

100% natural ingredients


Recyclable and tree-free packaging

Made in USA