Modern Sprout Glow + Grow Kit

$ 40.00

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Burn, plant, and grow! A candle that transforms into a planter once its burning days are over? Yep, this gem’s just that clever. Here’s how it works: Start by lighting the soy-blend candle that’s nestled inside the ceramic vessel. When it’s done spreading its flowery scent, grab the grow kit that came with it. It’s got seeds, plant food, soilless growing medium, activated carbon...aka all the makings for a happy little sprout. And when you’re done working your green thumb? You’ve got a pint-sized plant on your hands, ready to liven up any corner it meets.

The grow kit components are tucked in the bottom of the box and include non-GMO seeds, soilless grow medium, plant food, activated carbon, and instructions for success.

Choose between three scent-plant combos:

  • Herb garden: A soy-blend candle scented with basil, rosemary, lemon zest, and ginger, along with a kit for growing basil.
  • Wildflower fields: A soy-blend candle fragranced with notes of green geranium, lilac, eucalyptus, and rosewood, plus a kit for growing Gerbera daisies.
  • Desert oasis: A soy-blend candle that diffuses the lovely aroma of lemongrass, toasted coconut, and clary sage, paired with a growing kit for aloe.

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