Bromeliad 'Guzmania'

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Bromeliads are unique and beautiful house plants. They need a high level of humidity and don't mind allowing their soil to dry out a bit. Instead, these plants create natural 'cups' with their leaves, where it is recommended to keep small amounts of water at all times to create a natural humidity bubble. Switch out the water frequently to avoid bacterial buildup and salt accumulation. While the Bromeliad only flowers once in it's life, the green foliage will remain for a very long time after the flower is gone.

 Bromeliads are unique in that they are monocarpic- they flower at the end of their life cycle and start anew with offsets at their base. Once the flower stalk of your bromeliad has passed, cut it off as close to the base as possible and upkeep regular maintenance until the offsets are 1/3-1/2 the size of the mother plant. You can then remove the offsets and place them in their own pots!


Size: 4", 6" pot


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