Opuntia 'Violet Prickly Pear'

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Opuntia Gosseliniana, aka Violet Prickly Pear, can be grown in containers indoors. There are several conditions that are essential in order for the plant to thrive and grow healthy. Indoors, prickly pear cactus favor conditions with bright, direct light and warm temperatures. A south-facing or west-facing window is ideal. Keep prickly pear cactus away from sources of direct heat such as radiators as well as fans or drafts that can cause temperatures to fluctuate.

Prickly pear cactus prefer warm temperatures, making it possible for them to be grown indoors as well as in a conservatory or heated greenhouse. In the summer months, the plant does well with 4 to 6 hours of direct sunshine and can be moved outdoors to a sunny, warm patio or deck. Take care to bring them back indoors when the cooler temperatures of the autumn months arrive, as they are not frost-hardy plants.


Size: 10" pot


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