Vriesea 'Flaming Sword' Bromeliad

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With a name like “flaming sword plant,” you expect something fabulous. Well, Vriesea splendens definitely lives up to its name, with its striking banded foliage and its flamboyant floral display.

The flaming sword plant belongs to the genus Vriesea, a group of bromeliads from South and Central America. They make great houseplants, not only because they liven things up with their exotic splendor, but also because they are so easy to take care of.

Pot in well-draining bromeliad mix and place in bright filtered sunlight. Unlike other plants, you need to provide water to the plant’s central reservoir, keeping the potting mixture just barely moist, and mist the foliage regularly. Provide comfortably warm indoor temperatures and high humidity and airflow.