Contour Ceramic Planter in Blue Indigo

$ 22.00

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The Contour Ceramic Planter is the ideal plant pot to house your favorite indoor plants. Equally gorgeous and functional, this flower pot supports root growth to keep plants healthy with a drainage hole and optional rubber stopper. It's your plant's little black dress, but you know...not black.


If you would like drainage in your pot, you can push the stopper out from the inside, having it fall out the bottom. If you would like to put the stopper back in, it goes in the opposite way it came out, from the bottom. This ensures the drainage plug does not get stuck in the pot if you choose to directly plant in it!


5"x5" (Holds a 4" liner)

7"x7" (Holds a 6" liner)

10"x10" (Holds an 8" liner)

12"x12" (Holds a 10" liner)