The Four Cylinder Pot with Wood Plinth

$ 54.00

Wood Plinth
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Made from premium high-fired stoneware using traditional techniques. Paired with a handcrafted Hardwood Plinth, this planter radiates timeless design to complement any style. 


Through the design and production of beautiful products, Revival Ceramics by LBE Designs believes you deserve the option of purchasing products created with a focus on sustainability, designed with consciousness, and crafted with enduring quality.


Ceramic details:

Sized to fit grower pots with extra room for drainage

Glazed inside and out

Completely waterproof - won't leak on furniture or floors

No drainage hole - ideal for your indoor or outdoor applications


Plinth details:

Teak or rosewood

Finished with non-toxic, non-VOC oil


Accommodates most 4-inch liners.