Joyful Dirt All-Purpose Plant Food

$ 15.00

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$2 from every sale of the limited-edition Pride Month shakers are donated to The Trevor Project! Grow healthy & thriving houseplants with just a shake AND help communities in need. 

Joyful Dirt is an organic, soluble plant food that makes caring for your plants easier by delivering nutrients and beneficial fungi to help your plants grow larger/stronger while using less water.

Formulated to provide optimal nutrients to your plants with the easiest possible application.  Great care has gone into developing these products to ensure safety to not only your plants but also kids and pets! This Portland-based brand strives to create a healthy home, garden, office, and world.

3-ounce shaker = up to 3 gallons of liquid plant food


ORGANIC - Concentrated, houseplant specific plant food. Shaker bottle for easy application on all green, leafy plants in your home.

EASY - One simple shake of Joyful Dirt onto soil on each side of the plant and water in. OR mix directly in a watering can. Use once a month or as often as every watering for unhealthy plants

SAFE - for pets and kids.

CONTAINS - Mycorrhizae and other nutrients to help houseplants thrive and use less water.

GROWS - Noticeably healthier, larger houseplants. Our proprietary plant food will quickly produce amazing results.

Made in Portland, OR