Icelandic Ash Hand Sanitizer

$ 8.00

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The Ash scent combines a rich blend of smoked wood, cedar leaf, birch oil, and a hint of dark pepper.


It's official...hand sanitizer is a part of everyday life. Why not make using one feel like you're walking along the waterfalls of Iceland?

Introducing the Hallo Iceland Angelica Herb Hand Sanitizer. Handcrafted in small batches, each sanitizer is formulated with 65% Ethyl Alcohol (plant-based) which helps kill germs and keeps hands safe. A multipurpose spray, you can use this sanitizer along with a soft cloth to refresh commonly used surfaces like phone screens.
Key ingredients: 65% Ethyl Alcohol (the CDC recommends a minimum of 60%), deionized water, glycerine (vegetable), and our signature Angelica Herb fragrance. That's it!
2 fl oz
Made in the USA