No. 1 Grapefruit and Mangosteen Diffuser

$ 30.00

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Basik candle co is based out of San Francisco and is focused on sustainability and all around quality products. These diffusers are infused with essential oils and throw their scent really well. With their focus on balancing feminine and masculine scents you're sure to find the balanced fragrance you’re looking for. 

Each diffusers come with 10 reeds, a diffuser bottle (approx. 4.5" high by 1.75" in diameter), 3 fl oz of liquid and have an average life of 2-3 months. Feel free to flip the reeds every once in awhile to freshen the bottle. You can also use less reeds to create a more mellow scent.


SCENT NOTES:  Red grapefruit, pomelo, tangerine, peach blossom and green apple.


ESSENTIAL OILS:  This diffuser is infused with orange essential oils.