Red Banana

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A stunning plant with red veins and leaf edges, Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' is a plant that loves full sun (6-8 hours per day) and can be kept outdoors during the warmer months with a bit of protection from mid-day and hot afternoon sun. Make sure to take your plant back inside before the first signs of frost as this is a tender perennial.

These plants are fast growers, reaching about 10 feet tall in temperate environments, and therefore, they are heavy feeders. Fertilize your plant with a diluted fertilizer mix regularly during the growing season and keep the soil evenly moist at all times. In the winter, consider investing in a grow light as a supplement to keep your Ensete thriving. Make sure the soil is very organically rich but also well-draining to avoid root rot. These plants do not care for humidity and do not need to be misted. 


Fun facts: The 'trunk' of a banana is actually a pseudostem that emerges from an underground rhizome. A pseudostem is a bunch of petioles tightly wrapped around each other. Therefore, this plant is susceptible to snapping in heavy winds. These plants are also monocarpic, meaning that after they flower, they will die. Ensete bananas do not flower until they are past 3-5 years old. You can propagate this plant from seed or from tissue culture, but they will not propagate themselves as other bananas do. Keep in mind that the bananas from this plant are not edible! 


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