Succulent Pillow - Echeveria Imbricata

$ 79.00

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Inspired by a photograph of an Agave taken at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, California, these handmade pillows look great in multiples or on their own.

The image on this pillow is of an Echeveria Imbricata.  Plantillo maker/photographer Sabine Herrmann came across this beautiful, vibrantly colored plant on a walk around her Berkeley neighborhood. 

The succulent image is custom-printed on cotton canvas. The back of the pillow is made from beautiful, thick linen.   The pillows look three-dimensional because of their shape, but the fabric is a 2-D realistic print.

Material front: digital print on linen-cotton canvas

Material back: linen

Fill: 100% poly fiber

Size: approx 15" diameter/6.5" thick

All photos used on the fabrics are taken by and are copyright Plantillo.