Terrarium Bowl

$ 22.00

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The two sizes of this heavy, hand-blown glass terrarium bowl are deep enough for soil planting, and the open mouth makes it easy to get in and arrange your plants. For a terrarium vase, this has to be the most practical environment in which to take care of whatever you choose to put inside.

Made of magnificent thick, hand-blown glass, these pieces are never in danger of tipping and are easy to clean both on the inside and out. Start with a layer for drainage of fine gravel or charcoal, then a good mix of potting soil & sand (to whatever ratio you need on top). Plant your succulents or cacti and then decorate with anything your creative heart desires to complete your glass terrarium bowl.


Small: 4"Dia x 3.75"H

Large: 6"Dia x 5.75"H

Tall: 2.5"Dia x 7.25"H