The Flower-Infused Cocktail

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The Flower-Infused Cocktail: Flowers with a Twist

By Alyson Brown

The Flower-Infused Cocktail is the flower lover's favorite book with a fresh take on traditional mixology, infusing taste with folklore. The book includes 60+ floral cocktails using 60 uniquely different edible flowers as well as additional recipes and tales of folklore and history.

Brown is the author of The Flower-Infused Cocktail and is the founder of Wild Folk Flower Apothecary. She founded Wild Folk in 2017 out of a desire to share her love of flowers with the world. She began to infuse different flowers into the things around her. That meant everything from the flowers she brought home from the flower shop to the tea that she drank, baths she took, skincare she used, the food she ate, and of course, the cocktails that she made. Pretty soon, the idea of writing a cocktail book was born. The Flower-Infused Cocktail is Alyson's first book and was authored locally in Bend, OR!