The Minute Planter in Blue Layers

$ 15.00

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These beautifully glazed cylinder pots have drainage holes and come with a matching saucer. The triple-dip glazing process in the Minute planters ensures no two pots are exactly alike. While they are made of ceramic, they purposely left portions of some of the pots raw to add texture and to give them that natural vibe.

The cement-like appearance also pushes the look a little bit into the contemporary realm. Whether you have a boho-chic or a modern all-white aesthetic, the colors and textures of the glazes make sense for your environment. Your houseplants and succulents will feel at home inside the pot, and your planter will feel at home inside your space.



3": 3"Dia x 3"H (Holds a 2" liner)

5": 5"Dia x 5"H (Holds a 4" liner)

6": 5.75"Dia x 6"H (Holds a 4" liner)

7": 7"Dia x 7"H (Holds a 6" liner)

8": 8.5"Dia x 8" (Holds 6"-8" liner)