The Foodie Package

$ 120.00

Claudia Pearson Tea Towel
Jacobson Sea Salt
4" Plant
- +

Photographing food is an ART form and odds are you know someone who's Instagram feed is a doorway into their kitchen. This is the package for them. Portland-made Jacobsen salt to add class, an adorable tea towel to elevate their kitchen, and a copy of "Well + Good" so your loved one can make only the healthiest of photogenic meals means you'll see your gift making a cameo on their blog!

· “Well + Good” Cookbook  

· Claudia Pearson Tea Towel (choice of style) 

· Jacobsen Salt (choice of flavor) 

· Teak Salad Serving Set 

 · Large Ziggy Footed Pot

 · 4" Plant based on your space's lighting requirement

· 1-on-1 30-Minute Plant Care Consultation with Plant Care Specialist on staff (can be done via FaceTime)

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