Thimble Hanging Planter

$ 35.00

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What better way to scatter plants throughout your home than by hanging them. Every corner that begs for attention can finally be the focal point with sleek and modern design!

A hanging planter that is functional but still sleek and modern was the goal in mind for designing Thimble. While there is no drainage, a shallow layer of pebbles in the bottom will ensure your plant gets the drainage it needs. Just picture your String of Pearls draping over the rim and down to the ground! If you don’t feel like planting it up, we love piling it with air plants and watching their tendrils drape down.

Added bonus: If you're a love of plants that are on the pet toxic list, you can now get them in your house and up and away from your fur babies.


The Thimble Hanging Planter is 5" in diameter and 6" tall. (Holds a 4" liner)