Unitea Teapot

$ 50.00

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ENJOY TEA CASUALLY AND FREELY - The Unitea collection of tea pots from Kinto USA integrates harmoniously into any scene. The glass jugs and cups showcase the beauty of teas inside, letting you observe tea leaves as they bloom


GRIP FIRMLY AND COMFORTABLE - While made of glass, the large arched design of the handle lets you grip firmly and comfortably.​ ​


ONE TOUCH TEAPOT - Featuring a lid with a strainer integrated into it, you can brew delicious tea easily. The lid comes with a silicone ring so that it does not drop off when you pour. With minimal parts, it is simple to wash.


ENJOY VARIOUS TEA STYLE - The items incorporate heat resistant glass, stainless steel, plastic, and wood, to integrate into a wide range of scenes


Heat-resistant glass. Maximum temperature differential: 150℃ / 302℉