An 8-Way Poncho Style Guide

An 8-Way Poncho Style Guide-EcoVibe Apparel

The 8-Way Convertible Poncho is one of our all-time favorite layering pieces due to its versatility, practicality, and its chic allure. A great piece for travel and perfect for capsule wardrobes, this poncho provides you with 8 different looks, works with both dressy and casual outfits, it's easily packable, and it'll give you the perfect amount of warmth for the chilly airplane. (PS! Now available in Bamboo fabric!)

Continue reading to learn about the different ways to style this year-round classic.

In "the signature" look, the seam of the poncho is between the front and side of the body and the neckline is slightly off-shoulder. The subtle asymmetry of this look gives it personality and a bit of quirkiness. 




This Asymmetrical look is simple yet still interesting, it's the perfect day-to-night style. For work, wear it with a patterned or brightly colored shirt collar peaking out. Feel ready for the fall season by pairing it with a great pair of jeans and some comfy boots. Try our Anna Mid Rise Skinny Jeans for denim that shows love to your curves.       

Achieving your desired 8-Way Poncho look all depends on where the seam of the poncho is on the body. For the V-Neck look, the seam is worn directly in the front of your body, creating the classic poncho silhouette. This look is best to wear with a casual, cozy outfit. To add a bit of flair and femininity, pull all the fabric to the front, so that the entirety of the fabric is in front of your body. Next, add a belt around the smallest part of your waist for a chic, curve-accentuating look.




This look is essentially the same as the cowl neck look, except the neckline is pulled up higher. This is a polished and sophisticated look that is ideal for showcasing statement jewelry. Try adding a bold necklace with it for a classic, but striking look.


For the Grecian look, the seam of the poncho will be positioned below your underarm to create a one-shoulder effect. This look works well with simple, modern silhouettes.





For a fun change of pace, grab a belt and tie it around your waist over the classic v-neck style with all the fabric pulled in toward the front. This style gives you the look of an open-back vest and is guaranteed to turn heads! 



A Fall/Winter favorite. Simply grab the poncho by the neck opening in one hand and pull the other end of the poncho through the neck opening, wrapping the scarf around your neck. Take on the cooler weather in this cozy style by pairing it with a knit hat and your favorite jacket. The scarf is also a great way to add a splash of color.





To achieve this one-shoulder look, position the seam of the poncho on your shoulder, taking the opposite arm out of the poncho. This look draws the eye upward, so pair it with a low chignon bun and a pair of dangly earrings for an evening out. 



If you're someone who has a busy schedule, travels often, or never wears the same outfit twice, the 8-Way Convertible Poncho may become your go-to layering piece this season and the next. With a multitude of ways to style and dress this piece, it's appropriate for many different occasions. This piece is so versatile that you may just find yourself wearing it all the time...without anyone realizing it!
Available in store or online at in a wide array of colors year round. 
EcoVibe Apparel Convertible 8-way Poncho - 19 Colors 

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