Equitable Giving Circle

Equitable Giving Circle is a local nonprofit organization committed to increasing equity within Portland’s BIPOC communities through peer-led organizing and network building. In 2021, they started the Plants + Wellness Program inspired by the Underground Plant Exchange. Since there are so many perks to having plants in your space, including healing and therapeutic benefits, the program encourages people to donate houseplants that will be gifted to BIPOC in our community. It’s an easy way to spread joy and comfort around our city, especially in our underserved communities. 

We are proud to be active supporters of the EGC’s Plants + Wellness Program, and have donated dozens of houseplants to the cause this year. We love that they also encourage the community to make plant donations through from BIPOC-owned plant shops in the area, strengthening community ties with businesses like ours!

Making a donation is easy! Simply visit us in-store or online and purchase any plant of your choosing. Let the associate know at the register this purchase is part of an EGC donation or add a note to your online order. From there, we’ll coordinate the donation with the team at EGC.

A woman browsing through a variety of potted plants in an indoor plant shop.