Interiorscaping Services

Interiorscaping Services Design. Installation. Maintenance. Rentals. From home styling and office greenscaping to wedding and event rentals, ECOVIBE works with you to enhance your space with vibrant plants and modern home decor.
Interiorscaping Services - examples of home styling, greenscaping, tropical houseplants
Homes and Offices From the initial walk-through consultation, we assess your goals and your space to ensure you are getting the perfect plants and decor for every area of each room.
Interiorscaping Services - examples of office styling, greenscaping, office plants
Full Service Installation Once we’ve finalized the design proposal, we schedule a time to deliver and install into your space. Watch your vision come to life!
Interiorscaping Services - examples of wedding and event rentals, tropical houseplant backdrop, succulent centerpieces
Event Rentals We offer plant rentals and custom arrangements for weddings and events. We’ll design and install based on your vision to bring lush tropical foliage to your celebration.
Interiorscaping Services - ECOVIBE weekly plant care maintenance at offices and businesses
Weekly Maintenance ECOVIBE offers ongoing weekly plant maintenance so you can rest assured that your houseplants will always be looking their best and thriving.
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