Life Hacks: Short Girls + Maxi Dresses

Life Hacks: Short Girls + Maxi Dresses-EcoVibe Apparel
Calling all short people! Have you ever found the perfect maxi dress or skirt and it has been too long? Even in heels it still covers your feet? Maybe you don’t want to wear heels with it all the time? Has this issue ever stopped you from buying that perfect outfit? I’m here to tell you there are ways that you can still buy that dress or skirt, look fabulous, and see your feet without wearing heels.

Here are two ways that you can manipulate a dress or skirt without cutting, sewing, or any crafting at all. All you need to know how to do is tie a knot!                              

The first way to make the maxi dress shorter is to simply tie a knot at the bottom.

  1. Decide where you would like the knot. It could be in the front, on the side or even in the back. Wherever you think you would look best with your style that day.  
  2. Next, take the amount that is too long and you want out of the way. Hold that in one hand. Then take your other hand and wrap the extra part of the dress around the hand that it is in and pull it through to make a knot.
  3. If the knot is not where you would like it repeat these steps until you find a spot where you like it.

It is a cute way to add something to your dress as well. It is simple and easy and makes it so you can buy maxi dresses! It expands the options you have at stores as well as taking no effort to do.


The next way to short girl hack a maxi dress would be to knot it inside out. For this hack you will need a pony tail or rubber band.

  1. Flip your dress so it is inside out.
  2. Next find an area where you would want a cute knot. It can be on the side in the front or even in the back. Whatever matches your style would work.
  3. Then grab enough to make the dress the right length for you. It might be a lot or just a little. However much so it makes the dress short enough for you.
  4. Next, take your ponytail and tie a piece of dress you grabbed like a pony tail.
  5. Lastly, flip the dress back so it is not inside out anymore. You should see a little suction where you made the dress shorter.
  6. Put it on and see your masterpiece.
  7. Repeat these steps as necessary.

*You can also try doing it with the dress on, but depending where you want the knot it can be hard*

This is another cute way to shorten those longer dresses and skirts. It adds a little bit of texture to the dress as well making it versatile for multiple different occasions.  

Don’t think the world is over because a dress is too long for you. It just means you can make your dress look different from everyone else who buys that dress. So next time you find a dress at a store and think “ugh I wish I wasn’t so short and I could wear this,” try it on using these short girl hacks to see if you can make it work!"


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