The Freshwater Trust: Changing the Course of Conservation

The Freshwater Trust: Changing the Course of Conservation-EcoVibe Apparel

A garment's journey from fabric to fashion is often full of pesticides, oil-powered machinery, and carbon emissions. Unsustainable practices are wreaking havoc on our ecosystems, and water pollution is one of the most pressing of these issues.

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Since the fashion industry is such a massive consumer and polluter of fresh water, we strive to do our part to combat this and take responsibility. This is why we love being members of 1% For The Planet. Through this affiliation, a percentage of each purchase you make at EcoVibe Apparel is donated to The Freshwater Trust, an organization pioneering the next generation of conservation.


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The Freshwater Trust is the largest restoration-focused organization in the Pacific Northwest with projects throughout Oregon, Idaho, and California. With more than half the rivers and streams in America unhealthy and not functioning how they should, The Freshwater Trust implements data-driven solutions to restore America's waterways faster than we degrade them.

Using their "Quantified Conservation" approach, The Freshwater Trust employs tools to calculate how and where a conservation project will have the largest overall benefit to a watershed. This approach ensures actions are translating to outcomes, and the results have been significant:

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Each time you shop with EcoVibe, not only can you feel amazing rocking your new look, you can feel great knowing that you're supporting our local communities and the environments sustaining them.


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Show your support with the Home Rivers T-Shirt, celebrating the rivers that connect us with our home state of Oregon. 100% of profits go back to The Freshwater Trust's efforts to restore the rivers we love for the people and wildlife who rely upon them.


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