Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019-EcoVibe Apparel

It's that time of year again when we have to think of clever gifts to get all of the father figures in our life. This can be a tricky task because when you ask what they would like for Father's Day we get blank stares, "I don’t care" and "whatever". We love our dads and want to show them how much we care about them, but how do we do that for those who have everything, don't want anything or are too picky and would rather get something for themselves? Here at EcoVibe we offer a variety of gifts from our new home & gift store as well as from our apparel store that we are sure all the dads in your life will enjoy. We now present to you our Father's Day gift guide for all those dads in your life who are impossible to shop for.

Wine & cheese on the go? Yes please!

If your guy loves to have picnics in the parks, visit wineries on the weekend, or host events with lots of appetizers this would be a great gift to give him. This is a must have tool for all wine and cheese lovers! The Cheese and Wine Multi-Tool splits into three parts and has the perfect utensil for slicing, spreading or cutting any type of cheese. Crumbly, creamy, soft or hard, this multi-tool will have you prepared for whatever your cheese needs are. If you thought that was all this essential tool did, you would be wrong. It is also a fork, a bottle opener, corkscrew, and can opener. It is the perfect addition for those hikes, camping trips, or picnics in the summer. 

All dads love cheese... right? But what do I get if my dad is lactose intolerant? Read on!

Picnics may not be your father's thing but maybe your dad likes to ride bikes for exercise, on trails, or for fun. We also offer a pocket bicycle repair kit. Every cyclist, competitive or not, needs one of these pocket repair tools just in case that accident they didn't think would happen, happens. The repair kit includes a bone wrench, metal rasp, multi- function bicycle tool, 6 self adhesive patches in 2 sizes, 2 plastic tyre levers as well as instructions with how to fix the bike using all of these tools even though we know our dads probably won’t use them. We also offer a pocket bicycle tool kit for the bigger repairs a bike may need. This includes a ball-end hex key set, chain breaker tool, spanner set and socket tri-tool, plus other essential instruments that may be needed.

Mr. Fix-it

Now we all know that every dads thing is fixing things. How many times have we heard in our lives “yeah, I can fix it” just to be let down with them not finding the right tool or part to finish the job. For all of those “I can fix it” dads out there, we present the Hammer Multi-Tool! This is a 6-in-1 tool that includes a hammer as well as multiple screwdriver heads. This is a great tool because it will declutter their workbench as well as clear out some space in their tool box. It makes it so they have one tool with multi-purposes. It is great because it saves money too. You don't have to buy them all separately, they are all inclusive within the hammer. It makes it easier for them to not lose anything as well because everything is stored in one convenient location. If this sounds like something your dad would love then stop into EcoVibe Home and pick one up today!

A great gift for the dad who seems to have it all, would be the Credit Card Tool. This tool is the size of a credit card and has a multitude of tool options including a mini saw, a bottle opener, a ruler, and so much more! This is the perfect gift for that outdoorsman dad.  Pick this up at our home store today to make sure your dad is covered for those unexpected events that happen this Father’s day by getting him the credit card tool.

On the go?

If your dad is looking for a stellar drink container for those long days at the office or for those active weekends with the family, an easy and great gift to get your dad would be our Corkcicle Canteen. They keep drinks nice and cold for up to 25 hours, as well as warm for up to 12. This makes it so they are good no matter the season or where you live. These bottle are slip proof and BPA free. The walnut woodgrain pattern also makes it for a sleek finish that is sure to make your dad look classy. You cannot go wrong with purchasing this bottle. With its versatility in temperature dads can put any drink they concoct for themselves. This bottle is perfect for those boozy mixed drinks in the summer, the hot coffee in the winter all while doubling as a water bottle for any event in between. This is more than just a water bottle, it’s a way to make sure dads drink, no matter what it is, is always the right temperature.

Dad has a smelly house?

At EcoVibe Home you can find a variety of flavors of candles that would appeal to any side of a dad. From those rustic outdoorsy smells they crave in on those warm summer nights to the fruity scents that they do not want to admit they love, we have them all. Guys love having that sense of serenity just as much the ladies, whether they admit it or not! This gift also works as a 2-in-1 because you can get one for yourself as well. Come check them out you are sure to fall in love with some of our favorite fragrances that are destined to be a hit! 

We stock a full selection of candles from high quality brands like Paddywax, Basik, Illume, Formulary 55, and more!

Send us a message here for more info!

Time to retire your old golf shirt...

You can never go wrong with nice dress shirts for fathers as well. At EcoVibe Apparel we have a nice variety of men's shirts to please any type of style. Dressing for success can also mean dressing with style and comfort! Our men’s clothing line is made out of super comfy and breathable fabrics. We have styles that would be perfect for any occasion, casual or classy.  If the dad in your life is in need of new dress shirts to wear for work, for a day out, or for a big event coming up come in to our apparel store and check them out. Guys can dress sustainable and look good too!
OR check out our newest line of Bridge and Burn graphic tees for the Whiskey-drinker, plant-lover, and everything in-between here!

...but the best way to thank dad is with a thoughtful and cute Father's Day Card

The most essential part of any father’s day present is the CARD! Our new EcoVibe home store has a great variety of cards for Father’s day. Whether your taste in cards is simple, funny, or cute we are sure to have it. Finding the perfect card for someone you love and care about is hard. You want it to be as personable as possible so they like it and feel like you spent time on it and picked it out specifically for them. A card is the simplest way to make someone smile even before they have seen the gift. 

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Hopefully, some of these gift ideas meet the needs of what a dad in your life may want. Dads do a lot for us everyday and we want to make sure they feel loved and special on this day.  Don't see what you're looking for on the website? Reach out to us here, and we can send you pictures or process a phone order easily! We have a variety of candles, room sprays, kitchen and glassware and so much more that isn't on the website yet, but is coming soon! In the mean time, message, call, or email us for more info. Or better yet, visit both of our stores on NE Alberta Street in Portland so we can assist you in person! 

The last day to receive your gifts by Father's Day is 6/12! Request priority shipping at checkout for faster shipping times!
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and Father figures out there!

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