Graf Lantz

The story starts at the Graf Lantz studio in Los Angeles which was founded by Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz and inspired by Holger’s German heritage and Daniel’s love for the Japanese ideas of less, but better. Graf Lantz works with some of the world's earliest, most durable, and sustainable materials, wool felt, leather, and canvas. Using the finest Merino wool, Graf Lantz brought fun and style to the once overlooked miracle fabric.

Graf Lantz is a home and lifestyle accessories brand based in the historic Silverlake district of Los Angeles. Our entire line is designed in our studio, which is home to a small team of like-minded rebels who are proudly out of step with the status quo. Dedicated to design that considers the provenance, utility, and life of every product that leaves our doors, our team is what makes Graf Lantz possible. We work with trusted local manufacturers so that we can keep the majority of our production close and personally back the quality we put our names on.

There are only a few factories that we source from, all located in a small region of Bavaria that keep only the highest standards of quality of wool and traditional practices to maintain the level of superior felt.

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