Asplenium 'Nidus'

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Asplenium nidus, aka the Bird's Nest Fern, gets its common name from the tightly curled new leaves that emerge from a brown rosette in the center. Bird’s nest ferns grow best in moderate, indirect light. These ferns are often grown for their crinkly leaves and the light they receive will affect how crinkled the leaves are. A bird’s nest fern that receives more light, for example, will have more crinkled leaves, while one that receives less light will have flatter leaves. Keep in mind that too much light or direct light will cause the fronds on bird’s nest fern to yellow and die. Keep the soil evenly moist at all times and provide humidity via misting, grouping with other plants, or by using a humidity tray.


Size: 4", 6", 10" pot


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