Calathea 'Makoyana'

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Calathea makoyana, aka Peacock Plant or Cathedral Windows, as it is more commonly known, is a wonderful plant that can be known to grow up to 2ft in height when cared for correctly. Originally from Brazil, this plant is part of the Prayer Plant family and therefore requires some extra TLC to thrive. For best results, keep your Calathea in an Eastern or Northern exposure or a few feet away from a Western or Southern exposure. Keep the soil evenly moist at all times and provide adequate humidity via misting, grouping with other plants, or using a humidity tray. 


Calatheas can also be a little sensitive to salts in tap water- if you find that their leaves are browning along the edges or at the tips, it could be due to salt accumulation. You can remedy this by providing them filtered water or rainwater. 


Size: 4", 6", 8" pot


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