Interiorscaping Program


As a business offering a wide selection of urban decor and plants, we have a unique opportunity to furnish small commercial spaces with the decor they need to put their best foot forward towards employees and clients. With our interiorscaping service, we are committed to offering the following:


-Plant Styling 

-Decor Styling

-Plant Maintenance


Our interiorscaping team will work with you to determine exactly what you want for your space. They will consider spacing, lighting, traffic, maintenance, and more to craft your look.



Begin by booking a consultation with our support team who will field some general questions to determine if the partnership is the right fit. From there, we will move you to working with the interiorscaping team who will use those questions to dive even further into the design and style for your space. Be prepared to provide images of the space to help guide our specialists down the right path.

Next is the initial walkthrough. We will schedule a time for an ECOVIBE Stylist + Plant Specialist to tour the space to get a feel of the location, grab their own images, and take notes of measurements + other important factors they will use to consider the mix for you.

From there, our team will work up a proposal for you to review. Upon approval and after making any necessary edits, the real work begins. We will pull + source the items for your installation and begin installing asap. If any product has to be ordered in, there will be a delay in the installation. 

Once the installation is complete, our Plant Specialist will communicate the general maintenance plan. At this time, it will be imperative to communicate any logistic details that will impede our specialist from being able to complete the required maintenance (alarm codes, janitorial schedules, office hours, etc.).


Email HERE for inquiries and to get started on your project today!