Calathea 'Rufibarba'

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Part of the prayer plant family, the stunning Calathea Rufibarba has long, irresistibly fuzzy leaves with purple undersides. But though this plant is an increasingly popular choice, it remains a relatively high-maintenance houseplant and requires a bit of extra TLC to keep those leaves perky and healthy. This plant prefers medium, indirect light and will scorch in direct sunlight. Keep the soil evenly moist, never allowing it to completely dry out. Providing adequate humidity is also important. You can do so by misting or providing a humidity tray. This plant is safe for pets.


Calatheas can also be a little sensitive to salts in tap water- if you find that their leaves are browning along the edges or at the tips, it could be due to salt accumulation. You can remedy this by providing them filtered water or rainwater. 


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