Jar Salads

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Jar Salads: 52 Happy, Healthy Lunches to Make in Advance

By Alexander Hart

Put down that sandwich!

Here you’ll find 52 healthy and delicious lunches to get you through the year.

Who wants a soggy salad for lunch? If you want a salad that is perfectly fresh and crisp, even though you’ve made it days before and kept it in the refrigerator, the trick is all in the layering: the dressing at the base, followed by protein or grains, then nuts or seeds, with the leafy greens on top. When you’re ready to eat the salad, turn the jar out into a bowl and enjoy immediately!

Jar Salads contains 52 deliciously inventive salads — a new one for every week of the year. From a Mexican-inspired vegetarian taco salad to a Vietnamese pork and vermicelli noodle salad, Jar Salads has all tastes covered. Get inspired t