Winter to Spring Outfit Ideas and Tips

Winter to Spring Outfit Ideas and Tips-EcoVibe Apparel

Spring is (allegedly) upon us!

If you're like us, you're probably building anticipation for the upcoming season...but it's much too early to break out the sleeveless sundresses, strappy sandals and straw hat outfit. Until the weather commits to a warmer temperature, we can expect it to be a bit sporadic. Figuring out what to wear during this time of year can be a challenge, but don't let it throw off your style! In this styling update, we'll give you a few tips on how to own your style and stay comfortable, despite this awkward "in-between" season.

Add a Splash of Color

Nothing evokes a sense of springtime happiness like color! Carry your winter neutrals into spring by incorporating bright colors and prints. Try a bold handbag or shoe for a no-fail accent to your look.  


Lighten Up

Shed the heaviness of your winter wardrobe by mixing in lighter color values. Simply swap your darker denim for a light wash, or trade in your classic black blazer for our Leigh Tencel Blazer! Adding lightness will add a sense of spring-ready freshness to your ensemble.


Find Balance

On cool days, lightweight spring fabrics demand to be balanced with heavier materials. You could totally rock your favorite flowy summer dress this season... just be sure to pair with a lightweight jacket that provides warmth and coverage, like one of our vegan leather jackets from LA Coalition.


Creative Layering

We all know what it's like to come in from the cold only to feel the office heat blaring (or the AC on warm days).  To avoid discomfort when the weather is unexpected, get creative with layering!  Try our Bamboo Cotton Turtleneck under your fave jumpsuit. And if you can't wait to wear your spring skirts, add tights and an ankle bootie!  

Feeling inspired? Stop in to work with one of our stylists to help you transition your Winter Wardrobe into Spring!




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