Brand Spotlight: Pixie Mood

Brand Spotlight: Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood Brand SPotlight

Introducing Pixie Mood!

At EcoVibe Apparel we focus on affordable and ethical fashion; selling items that keep people and the planet in mind. These can range from clothing, accessories, handbags and more. Before introducing a new brand into our store, we check their manufacturing process and values to make sure they align with our own.
With the seasons changing, we are getting in so many new items we thought it would be the perfect time to properly introduce our newest vegan leather handbag line Pixie Mood! They have a sustainable commitment and innovative designs that we are sure you will love!


Who is Pixie Mood?

Pixie Mood was founded in 2010 and they focus on creating handbags that are stylish and do not cause harm animals. A Canadian brand that is committed to sustainability, “We believe it is our responsibility to take into consideration the future of our planet when designing & developing our products. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are dedicated to sourcing the most innovative and eco-friendly materials”.

Pixie Mood Products

With Pixie Mood style does not compromise whatsoever. Handbags can be trendy, functional, and socially responsible all at the same time, which is one of the many reasons we love them! “We obsess over making great bags, including the little details that make them awesome, and design with our customers’ needs first and foremost”. They want to find ways to make you look good while feeling great about the items you just purchased. Their bags are not just stylish but super functional as well. Some of the bags we feature in store are multi-purpose and very versatile. Our Jane 2-in-1 Wallet purse combines a wallet and a handbag all in one. Use them together with the magnet that connects them or use them separately, allowing you to get the most use! This is also true for the Kim backpack. Use as a backpack for those long days walking from store to store, or simply pull the handle up and have a handbag perfect for completing any look. The versatility of their products is unmatched, and stresses a minimalist lifestyle.

The Kim Backpack and the different ways it can be used


Vegan Leather can mean a variety of things to different people. Pixie Mood actually creates their bag from a specific type of leather called Polyurethane (PU-leather). This is much different from lower grade synthetic leathers such as vinyl or PVC that some may be used too! What is unique about PU-leather is it has a much less harmful impact on the planet than vinyl or PVC. It is a lot softer and does not crack in the harsh winter weather like other synthetic leathers would.


Check out or new line of Pixie Mood Vegan Leather handbags in-store or online. We know you will fall in love with their stylish, intentional design with functionality in mind just like we did. We are so happy we found this great company that has the same values as we do! Keeping the planet and people in mind when it comes to manufacturing can make a huge difference in the world. We are also so excited we FINALLY got the chance to introduce you to this fabulous company. Contact us with any questions, but we hope to hear from you soon!