LBE Design: Brand Spotlight

LBE Design: Brand Spotlight-EcoVibe Apparel

We are stocking many new brands at our new home decor store, EcoVibe Home, they are all hand selected and curated based on many factors that we carefully consider; environmental sustainability, ethical production, aesthetics and price are all taken into consideration. Every month we try to highlight one of our favorite brands, especially those that go above and beyond. LBE Designs is one of these brands and we are thrilled to have them to introduce and feature during our launch of EcoVibe Home. 

LBE designs is a home decor and accessory company that creates beautiful designed high quality planters with wood stands.  They are based in San Diego, a husband and wife duo, and are an environmentally and socially sustainable company. 

They exemplify some of the values we stand for and not only do they make beautiful, timeless products, but they also do good for the world while making and selling product.

To start, what does LBE stand for?

LBE stands for La Belle Epoque or “The Beautiful Era." This represents the era in which human spirit, economics and optimism aligned to create masterpieces of French design and architecture. This era harbored the generation of creativity and LBE strives to take these values and use them within the products they create. They try to use design techniques from all eras to make pieces that match your style and your taste, whatever that may be.

LBE Design is innovative in not only their design process, but their manufacturing processes as well. They inspire to achieve out of the box thinking and do things not necessarily the easy way, but the right way to give us the best quality designs they can. 

One of the things we love about LBE is the fact that they are ran by three driving principles:

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Sustainable Focus 
  • Timeless Design

Behind every product there are people, which is something we believe too. They want to make sure you are not only getting a high quality product, but the people who make the product are receiving fair wages and good working conditions. LBE actually oversee the entire process to make sure this is happening. Their  “buy once and buy right” mentality drives their design process as well as the quality of their products for a timeless look and durable finish. We love them because of how thoughtfully and creative everything is planned out to make a beautiful and functional product.

Planters + Your Home

LBE Revival Ceramics at EcoVibe Home. The four, The eight, the ten, the twelve, and the fourteen cylinder mid-century modern pot At EcoVibe Home we feature their planters in various sizes and color options. The pots are ceramic and finished with non-toxic and non VOC (volatile organic compound) oil. They work well with grow pots as these do not have a drain hole. You can simply just place the plant in the pot and watch it grow!

LBE Revival Ceramics Pot fits grow pot

(see! It's easy!)

All of the sizes come in Black, White, Blush, or a cute and totally unique PeachyCotta color.

The pots are completely waterproof so they will not leak or drain on your floor. The pots are sleek, stylish and versatile. They will work with whatever your style may be! The compassion and ingenuity is noticeable with every pot, and knowing they were made ethically and sustainably makes them even more worthwhile. 

Each pot ships with its own reclaimed and reversible walnut wood stand that can be flipped to give height variance to your space!

We encourage you all to peruse their selection of mid-century pottery and possibly purchase some items (PS-- we SHIP!) We can drop-ship any product from LBE Design directly to your door to any US address starting at a $25 shipping fee. Shop LBE now!

You will always cherish the quality, stunning and classic design, and longevity of the product you are getting from this brand. To learn more about LBE design and meet the people behind the product, watch their brand story here!

Congrats, you made it to the end! Check out our Instagram page to learn more about our LBE pot + 8-way poncho giveaway, happening now and ending on July 28, 2019!

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