Local Designer Spotlight: Ayumi Angel Jewelry

Local Designer Spotlight: Ayumi Angel Jewelry-EcoVibe Apparel


Something our customers expect to see when visiting EcoVibe is our unique, captivating, locally made jewelry. Our jewelry is known for its simplistic yet interesting design and sophisticated whimsy. We currently carry a variety of jewelry collections designed by several different artists in the Portland area.

Today, we'll introduce you to one special artist we work with, Ayumi Angel. Ayumi was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and later moved to Ashland, Oregon to study Graphic Design. After graduating, she moved to Japan to do freelance work and study her Japanese heritage. She now lives in Portland, where she designs and handcrafts her jewelry. 


Ayumi Angel Portland Made Handcrafted Jewelry


Ayumi's jewelry uses influences from her cultural background, combined with minimalism and geometric shapes, giving her jewelry a contemporary feel with a touch of personality.  Ayumi takes inspiration from the beauty of simplicity, trends from around the world, every day objects and colors. She designs her jewelry according to the seasons, with the intention of her designs being easy to style and wearable for any occasion.  


Ayumi Angel Portland Made Handcrafted Jewelry

photo credit: Allegra Villella 

Ayumi Angel Portland Made Handcrafted Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry is made individually by-hand by Ayumi in her home studio. She began making jewelry because she noticed a lack of jewelry on the market that captured her style. She started making jewelry as a hobby and after her designs caught the attention of her friends and family, she decided to sell her jewelry at local stores and events. Her jewelry is now expanding to other states and Mexico. Check out Ayumi Angel's new styles and ever evolving collection at our Portland store!

Ayumi Angel Portland Made Handcrafted Jewelry

 photo credit: Rick Liu


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