Brand Spotlight: Matt & Nat Vegan Bags

Brand Spotlight: Matt & Nat Vegan Bags-EcoVibe Apparel

Yes! It's official! Here at EcoVibe, we are so excited to finally be adding a new brand of handbags to our collection (and into your closets). Now introducing one of the leading names (or two) in vegan, sustainable, and just dang good lookin’ bags: Matt & Nat!

So, just who is Matt and who is Nat? Matt stands for MATerial and Nat stands for NATure (clever, right?)

Matt & Nat is a brand based out of Montreal, dedicated to using alternatives to leather and other animal-based materials. Each season, you’ll find them committing to exploring new and innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly. In addition to avoiding the use of any animal-based materials, open any Matt & Nat bag and you’ll find a tag stating: “This lining is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. We recycle on average over 3 million bottles per year.”

EcoVibe Apparel Matt and Nat blog purple rio purse[Featured: Selma Cupro Tencel Tie Blouse in Cocoa and Aiden Cupro Tencel Trouser in Cocoa, accessorized with Large Drew Crossbody in RioPhoto credit: Allegra Villella] 


Now, let’s check out some of these products:

THE ABIKO CLUTCH: The Abiko Clutch is the ultimate statement if you’re trying to mix fashion with functionality. Leave your wallet and clutter at home because this clutch has a spot for your credit cards, ID, Chipotle punch card, and more, as well as a space for cash, and a roomy location for your phone and anything else you’ll need for a night on the town. To top it all off in style, the Abiko Clutch features a flap closure with a unique cutout for handle detail.

EcoVibe Apparel Matt and Nat blog abiko clutch

EcoVibe Apparel Matt and Nat blog abiko clutch

[Featured: Kaya Coatigan in Dark Olive and Yvonne High Waist Pants in Black, with Abiko Clutch in Black and Chelsea Warner Boots. Photo credit: Allegra Villella]


ARIES BACKPACK: Matt & Nat is doing minimalism in all the right ways with the Aries Backpack, available in black, rio, and emerald. This backpack comes with adjustable straps, a curved top zipper closure, a small zipper pocket on the side of the bag, and can even fit an iPad Pro. It’s the perfect bag to carry while you shop, or bring along for a work meeting over coffee. And not to mention, the array of colors it comes in can help make your entire look.

EcoVibe Apparel Matt and Nat blog Aries vegan leather backpack emerald
[Featured: Kaya Long Coatigan in Navy with Aries Backpack in Emerald]

EcoVibe Apparel Matt & Nat vegan leather Aries backpack rio

[Featured:  Kirk Crop Hoodie with Aries Backpack in Rio. Photo credit: Rick Liu]


DREW CROSSBODY: And to take it all home, the Drew Crossbody is killing it when it comes to small and simple! This structured crossbody bag comes with a removable strap, so you have the option to rock it as a clutch as well. This bag is small, but just big enough to fit all of your essentials- a cell phone, a few cards, and some gum or lipstick! It also has a slit pocket along the front and the back of the bag for extra storage. The magnetic snap closure keeps all of your essentials cozy and safe!

EcoVibe Apparel Matt and Nat blog Drew vegan leather crossbody bag

[Featured: Faux Suede Trench in Mustard and Yvonne High Waist Pants in Black, with Drew Crossbody in Emerald and Chelsea Warner BootsPhoto credit: Allegra Villella]


With a simple motto like, “Live beautifully”, you know every product they have is going to be just that. The brand writes, “Living beautifully means appreciating the humanity, creativity and positivity found in all of us. Our values include social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, learning, authenticity and, of course, love. We are inspired by the textures and hues of nature and, to better protect it, we aim to constantly better our ways.”

You can now find all of our current Fall 2018 Matt & Nat products in-store and online in our Handbags Collection!


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