Kinto USA

The founders of Japanese brand KINTO believe that dinner, glass, and kitchenware have the power to slow down your day, allowing you to live in the moment and step away from the noise and stress of modern life. An elegant fusion of usability and aesthetics, their innovative designs - from single-brew tumblers to non-slip, easy-to-wash trays - bring joy and beauty to the mundane tasks of every day. Whether you're looking for a well-designed tool to suit a single need or are looking to refurbish your entire kitchen, KINTO has the wares to make a difference.

SLOW COFFEE STYLE was born to bring you the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time with pour-over coffee. Organic forms, calm colors, and warm textures are designed to help you unwind. The items integrate well into spaces with a relaxing atmosphere. The collection gives depth to your daily ritual of brewing coffee.

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