A Guide To Zero Waste Wrapping for the Eco-Conscious Gifter-EcoVibe Apparel

A Guide To Zero Waste Wrapping for the Eco-Conscious Gifter

It is that time of year again! Buying gifts, wrapping presents, and getting into the season of giving. Living a sustainable life should not be hard during the holidays. Wrapping beautiful intricate gifts is still possible during the Christmas season. Take a look at our Guide to Zero-Waste Wrapping and find out how to make your holidays as sustainable as possible this season. 

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The High Cost of Cheap Fashion-EcoVibe Apparel

The High Cost of Cheap Fashion

With cheap clothes, comes cheap materials and cheap fabric; and with cheap materials and cheap fabric, comes more trips to the landfill. Learn about all the ways fast fashion is hurting the environment, and ways you can avoid leaving a negative footprint when making your wardrobe purchases.
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Earth Week Tips for an Eco-Friendly Closet-EcoVibe Apparel

Earth Week Tips for an Eco-Friendly Closet

We only have one Earth, one planet, and we have to do what we can to keep her safe! This week, we focus on some Earth Week tips for an Eco-Friendly closet. Read on for more!
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A Sustainable Guide to Portland-EcoVibe Apparel

A Sustainable Guide to Portland

Over the years, Portland has become an increasingly popular city, bringing in travelers...
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Sustainable Fabrics & Fresh Spring Arrivals!-EcoVibe Apparel

Sustainable Fabrics & Fresh Spring Arrivals!

Spring is here and with it brings styles made from some of our most beloved natural fi...
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