A Sustainable Guide to Portland

A Sustainable Guide to Portland-EcoVibe Apparel

Over the years, Portland has become an increasingly popular city, bringing in travelers from all over the world. Portland is the perfect city for people who want to try new things, eat good food, discover contemporary art, and enjoy the beauty of nature; all the while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite eco-friendly activities and places to visit in Portland.

Echo Natural Beauty

Echo Natural Beauty

Nothing feels better than to relax and unwind after a busy day in a new city. Set aside some time to pamper yourself with a massage or a facial at Echo Natural Beauty! Unlike most beauty shops, Echo's top priority is health, wellness, and sustainability. All the products this shop carries are natural and cruelty-free, and free of harmful toxins and chemicals that are common in traditional beauty products. They also offer a wide array of services, such as massages, facials, and sugaring, that also incorporate all-natural ingredients. Additionally, Echo strives to produce minimal waste by using glass or recyclable packaging for their products.

Bamboo Sushi and Quickfish

Bamboo Sushi Portland

Portland has earned a reputation for its interesting, creative, great-tasting new restaurants and Bamboo Sushi should be on every "foodie's" list. As the world's first certified sustainable sushi restaurant, Bamboo Sushi strives to make a positive impact on the earth by proving that your food can be sustainable, ethically made, and utterly delicious. The types of seafood that Bamboo serves always come from healthy populations and is caught in an ethical manner. The meat that is used is sourced locally and is grass fed, hormone-free, and free range. They also have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. If that's not enough, even their atmosphere is sustainable; 100% of their power is renewable, they take composting and recycling seriously, and some of their building materials are made from re-purposed materials.

Bamboo Sushi's sister restaurant, Quickfish, will be opening a new location in the pearl district on Saturday, August 18th. All proceeds from the grand opening will be donated to Surfrider Foundation, to fight against plastic pollution in our oceans. Stop by 840 NW 13th Avenue to enjoy an eco-concious poke bowl!

Portland Farmer's Market

Portland Farmer's Market

While shopping at the Portland Farmer's Market is a fun event in itself, knowing that you're supporting a good cause makes it all the more enjoyable. The Portland Farmer's Market is a non-profit organization that supports local farmers and vendors in Oregon. Farmer's markets help promote sustainability because local goods don't have to travel long distances, thus causing less pollution and waste. Here, you'll find a delectable array of fresh produce and flowers, baked goods, meats and seafood, and cheeses, all from local farms and vendors. The Portland Farmers Market brings the community together, making it strong, healthy, and sustainable. Find out information about hours and locations locations here.

DoubleTree Hotel

DoubleTree Hilton Portland

If you're looking for green lodging during your stay, one of Portland's most sustainable hotels is the DoubleTree by Hilton. DoubleTree makes an effort to preserve natural resources by incorporating renewable energy into their practices, reducing waste by recycling and composting, and purchasing local foods and recyclable goods. You can read more about the DoubleTree's environmental achievements here. This hotel is in a great area for public transportation (being right near a MAX station) and it also has a shuttle that runs on biodiesel.

E Scooters and BIKETOWN by NIKE

Electric Scooter Portland

Save money and reduce fuel emissions during your trip to Portland using electric scooters or BIKETOWN, Portland's bike sharing program. BIKETOWN have over 100 locations all over the city, making it a convenient mode of transportation. E-Scooters, Portland's biggest craze, are an equally fun and sustainable option. These scooters are powered by electricity and rechargeable. Whether you need a ride to your next destination or you're just looking for a leisurely activity, bike and scooter sharing are enjoyable, eco-friendly  alternatives to driving. Take them for a ride along the waterfront or through the park for a scenic adventure.

In the City of Portland, we're proud to live in a place where the environment is celebrated and community members come together to create ways to preserve our planet. We welcome visitors to experience our unique culture, beautiful scenery, and our devotion to a sustainable way of living. As Portland continues to grow and become more environmentally conscious, we urge individuals everywhere to seek ways to heal and protect the environment in your local communities. As we've shown you in this guide, a sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to come at the cost of delicious food, convenience, or entertainment. 



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