Earth Week Tips for an Eco-Friendly Closet

Earth Week Tips for an Eco-Friendly Closet-EcoVibe Apparel

With the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse inciting Fashion Revolution Week and Earth Day falling at the same time, sustainable fashion has had a moment to shine.

It's wonderful to see an interest in ethical production and eco-friendly materials spike this week, but our goal here at EcoVibe Apparel is to treat each day like Earth Day! To celebrate, we want to share with you 7 of our stylish tips to help you make sustainable fashion part of your every day.

1. Read Up

The best thing you can do is begin to educate yourself on how your clothes are made, from fiber to fashion! When you know your stuff, you'll be able to make informed decisions on which fibers and production methods are best for the environment and you. Check out Our Materials page to learn more about the different sustainable fabrics used in our products!  

2. Closet Remix

Feeling bored with your wardrobe? No need to toss things out, there's always a new way to wear it! One of the simplest ways to revive an old style is with some new accessories.

Spice things up with some spring bling! 

Elysium Jewelry Portland made jewelry designer

Adding a little sparkle elevates even the simplest of looks. We've got you covered with lots of handmade pieces, like these beauties by local Portland designer Jody Eden of Elysium Jewelry.

Add some color with a scarf, shawl, or poncho! 

We just got in a bunch of new Boho Shawls and scarves! They're gauzy, made of organic cotton, and naturally dyed into each individual piece. No two pieces are alike!

Our best-selling 8-Way Poncho is also now available in Bamboo fabric, as well as tons of new colors and patterns.

Image result for 8-way poncho stripeAdd some light layering!

EcoVibe Apparel: Alicia Leopard Printed Pom Kimono, Kimono, EcoVibe Apparel

The new Alicia Leopard Print Kimono is a fun layering piece for spring and summer. Each piece features unique pom poms and leopard print pattern to add some interest over a simple spring dress, or jeans and a tee! 

3. Get Thrifty

Go on a treasure hunt at your local thrift store, add some vintage to your style, and look for products made with recycled materials! 

All of the Anabaglish bags that we carry as well as our leather belts are all made with recycled leather. Additionally, Elysium Jewelry uses recycled metals to craft her beautiful handmade pieces.

4. Quality Over Quantity

Start investing in well-made, seasonless garments that you can wear again and again. Being an eco-conscious consumer is about building a relationship with your garments. In addition to looking for sustainable brands, try to cut down on your overall consumption by focusing on timeless pieces that can transition throughout the seasons.

5. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

Anabaglish Tote

Small efforts make a big difference over time! According to the Earth Policy Institute, nearly 2 million plastic bags are used and disposed of every minute. Plastic is forever, creating waste and pollution at an alarming rate that the Earth can't possibly keep up with. Paper bags are just as harmful with a resource-intensive manufacture process that produces a large amount of greenhouse emissions.

Bringing your own bag gives you an excuse to invest in a quality tote bag that you'll be excited to bring on your shopping trips!

6. Take Care

EcoVibe Apparel Spring Look

No one likes laundry day, but your clothes will thank you and last much longer when you start paying attention to care labels! Cold washing and hang drying can extend the life of your garments while also using less energy. If possible, avoid dry-cleaning as it uses harmful chemicals.

After time, your clothes can start to show some wear, but most of these things can easily be repaired! Small holes can be sewn up, or your favorite pair of shoes can be saved with a trip to the cobbler.

7. Shop Local

EcoVibe Apparel Portland Oregon Women's Fashion Boutique

Support your local economy! Smaller boutiques are able to better monitor their supply chains to ensure that their garments are made ethically and sustainably. Looking for products made in the US can reduce your carbon footprint since there's less fuel used to transport the products. On top of that, opting for local rather than big box retailers means you won't find every other person wearing the same dress you just bought!



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